cOmiX NFT collectIOn


In decentraliZEd caveZ, nO onE hAs madE a rustlE FOr manY thousandZ of yearz. bUt kobolDZ didn't appeAr herE by chanCE. Their leadER is alreadY aWare ofF thE location of cryptostones from decentralized mines. 3,333 NFT koboldz preparE fOor a mint aFter the full MOon On tHE solaNa blOckchAIN.

Price: 0.1 SOL

About the author

ThE cOllEctiOn WAs cOncEiVEd aNd DRawn bY aN artiSSt whO waS boRn in thE caVEZ of KAzAkhstaN. Adil stArtEd dRAwing bEFore hE tOok thE firRst sTep. At tHe Age oF 10, hE solD hiS firSt paintiNG foR $518. At tHE aGE of 13, hE paintED hiS firsT collectiOn oF sElf-portraitS. at the agE of 15, he bEGan to stUDy draWing on a tABlet. And now, 18-year-old Adil has drAWn a colleCTion oF cavE koboldZ. The collEcTion cOnSistZ oF 10 laYERs aNd 100 elEments. AnD it hAs moRe thaN 7.5M diFferent VariatioNs of NFT.

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